• Become an advocate and/or donate to the Environmental Advocates of New York:
  • Join and/or donate to, a global grassroots climate movement who stands to hold leaders accountable around environmental principles of justice.
  • Protect our planet from Trump campaign is sponsored by the Sierra Club.  They are taking monthly donations to support their efforts.  Greenpeace is also taking donations in an effort to continue the work to save the planet and resist Trump initiatives.
  • Subscribe to the Union of Concerned Scientists--and sign their petition to Trump to tell him you stand with science.  You can also join them, as they have several action steps for activists to take.
  • Donate to and/or work for CARE, the Climate Change Information Center.
  • Join NextGen Climate. Their website offers several ways to get actively involved in fighting climate change.
  • Donate to and/or join the action center for Friends of the Earth.  
  • Take action with and/or donate to Earth Justice"a nonprofit environmental law organization" works to "protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change".